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Traditionally, a library has been a place that’s filled with books, but that’s not exactly the case at modern academic libraries and KNUTSFORD Library for that matter. Its newly renovated library holds books and other materials. Instead of stocking only books, the library makes room for open space, computers, multimedia stations (in the near future), and a group study area. We want our students to spend quality time there exploring ideas and sharing insights as they blur the lines between studying and socializing.

The new library arrangement, unlike the former one, has the stacks or book storage area separated from the carrels (reading area). Currently there are 10 carrels with seating capacity for 8, giving a total of 80, though there is still more space to take on additional carrels in future. There are also sofa seats arranged in a semi-circle that can seat 10 relaxed readers at a time. The entire reading space when fully utilized is estimated to provide a total seating capacity of 120 for the new library.

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