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The library security service is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the public, academic community, and staff, as well as the library collections within Knutsford Daa Library.

Security staff enforces campus and library codes of conduct, policies, and Ghanaian laws to ensure the physical protection of both library staff and patrons during library open hours and special events. Library security services are also responsible for protecting the building, its contents, and its immediate surroundings. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, the development and integration of protection programs for emergencies, as well as fire, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. The security of library materials (book and non-book) are of utmost importance to the librarian for the purpose of reducing or avoiding unauthorized access to information bearing material available in the library. To avoid unauthorized access to library resources, library management must devise strategies that will help provide adequate security that can protect the information resources available in the library. For example, there is a security staff that is always at the entrance of the library to ensure that all library materials taken out of the library are checked.

Also, the library doesn’t allow patrons to bring their bags and briefcase into the library. In addition, the library provides adequate security using telecommunication, electronic systems such as building alarm systems, access control systems, video surveillance, etc.

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